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High strength coil head bracing and connections will withstand magnetic forces under frequent reversing direction of rotation. On squirrel cage motors, an optimal brazing between rotor bars and end rings will permit the motor to withstand the repeated acceleration, deceleration and reversal of rotation that is typical in this steel processing. Twin-Roll-Casting (TRC) was used to produce AZ31 strips with a near-net final thickness directly from the liquefied material. The two-stage rolling experiments were carried out on the four high reversing mill at the Institute of Metal Forming in Freiberg. The first stage was two roughing passes followed by intermediate annealing.

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Typical upgrades to hot mill stands include the addition of roll bending for profile and shape control as well as the installation of hydraulic roll force systems for automatic gauge control. Customers are also looking to see production improvements by eliminating mill down time through shorter roll changes.

At four-high reversing roughing stand, the heated slabs are reduced to a thickness of 30 mm with seven passes. Finally, the required thickness is achieved in a four-high six-stand tandem finishing mill (F 1 to F 6) at a finish rolling temperature of 870 - 900C, depending on the grades. Centrifugally cast high chrome rolls are used for the

Steel - Steel - Hot strip: The rolling of hot strip begins with a slab, which is inspected and, if necessary, surface cleaned either manually or by scarfing machines with oxyacetylene torches. The slabs are then pushed, or walked on their broadside, through gas-fired furnaces that have a hearth dimension of about 13 metres by 30 metres. In a pusher-type furnace, the slabs slide on water-cooled

Rolling Mills 4 High Rolling Mill. 4 HI Reversing Roughing Stand with 12,000 HP. Edger. Descaler. Crop Shear (5) 4HI Finishing Stands. Hydraulic AGC Screw Downs. Work Rolls: 650mm - 520mm Diameter x 2050. Back-Up Rolls: 1650mm - 1120mm x 2050mm. 2 x 5000 HP Motors on Each Stand.

150 T/hr. walking beam slab reheating furnace, with latest upgraded Controls; 4-High Reversing Roughing Mill and Vertical Edger ; 4-High Reversing Finishing Mill with Steckel Furnaces - United Engg; Automatic Gauge Control, work roll bending in the finishing mill to give the strip a better profile and gauge; Programmable Laminar Cooling for accurate temperature control of strip

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Roughing mill rolling of reheated slab: The roughing mill usually consists of one or two roughing stands in which the slab is hot rolled back and forth 5 or 7 times repeatedly to reach the minimum thickness requirement. The roughing mill also contains edger rolls that are used to roll

Nov 16, 2017Hot-rolling •The first hot-working operation for most steel products is done on the primary roughing mill •These mills are normally two-high reversing mills with 0.6-1.4 m diameter rolls (designated by size). •The objective is to breakdown the cast ingot into blooms or slabs for subsequent finishing into bars, plate or sheet. Plate rolling

The 4hi reversing rougher of an 80" semi-continuous hot strip mill had experienced several work roll driving motor thrust bearing damages recently. Quad Engineering Inc. investigated the problem and found out that the damages were caused by unusual high work roll thrust load, which is mainly caused by instability of the rolls.

Roughing Rolling Mill Stand. The roughing mill stands are used to reduce the thickness of the steel while at the same time extending the overall length. Rolling mill stand is an important part of a work stand, roll bearing chock and roller adjustment device is installed on the frame. Contacter le fournisseur

The plant has a compact hot strip mill and a wide hot strip mill. Roughing down takes place in hot-strip mill No 1 with the aid of a two-high reversing stand and a four-high intermediate stand. Siemens VAI will install a heavy edger on the reversing stand, as well as the hydraulic and lubricating systems.

Rebar rolling mill production line is for producing TMT rebar, and the main process is: after steel scrap smelting, cast into billets by continuous casting machine, the conveying roller passes the steel billet back and forth into the roughing unit through hot rolling, and enters the rolling device through N passes for accurate molding; The

Twin-Roll-Casting (TRC) was used to produce AZ31 strips with a near-net final thickness directly from the liquefied material. The two-stage rolling experiments were carried out on the four high reversing mill at the Institute of Metal Forming in Freiberg. The first stage was two roughing passes followed by intermediate annealing.

These rolls are usually heat treated, the hardness range is 35 -55 deg Shore and they are commonly used as back-up rolls in 4-high rolling mills. An alloy steel containing tungsten (W) and with a hardness of 40 – 50 deg Shore is very resistant to fire cracking and is sometimes used for roughing rolls in hot strip mills.

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These include the slabbing mill, hot roll mills, cold roll mills, SR mills, and DR mills. Any operating unit that reduces gauge by application of loads through revolving cylindrical rolls; operation can be hot or cold. The elevated temperature rolling mill is the Hot Mill and is capable of reducing the gauge of a slab 92-99%. Roughing Stand

Introduction Specification Continuous reversing 4 high rolling mill with screw down and balance oil cylinder mechanism for rolling stability 3.Equipped Roughing mill and finishing mill can work at the same time to reduce pacing time 4. Get Price

The smaller rolls are friction driven by the much larger top and bottom rolls which furnish the pressure required to reduce the thickness of the steel. The size of these roughing mills is tremendous. They .are 22 feet high, the top and bottom rolls weigh 100,000 pounds each with the center rolls

The mill is equipped with walking beam type of reheating furnace where slabs are re-heated at a temperature of 1250 degree celsius and rolled in a mill with a 2 hi-reversing type roughing stand and a 4 hi-reversing type finishing stand. To ensure excellent surface quality, high pressure de-scalers are provided at the entry and exit points.

Steel Plant Machinery 16 Rolling mill – complete automatic rolling mill in four independent drives with roughing size of 18" and finishing mill of 18"manufacturing h r strip coil from 100mm to 360mm wide in coil formwith 1 2mm to 5mm in thickness and from 250

Roughing Mill Rolls. Description: Used for roughing mills that processing wires, steel rod, steel bar, which has a good tensile strength and toughness, crack resistance and better anti-breaking performance, good-biting performance. Material: Alloy nodular cast iron (alloy spheroidal graphite cast iron, ductile iron), pearlitic nodular cast iron, ferriticor as per the customer`s requirement.

Blooming and reversing roughing mills are very similar in design. The major difference between them is the incoming product. Blooming mills are used to reduce the cross sectional area of a cast ingot into a bloom or billet. Blooming mills are typically 2-high reversing design with 30" to 50" diameter work rolls

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